Our Story

founded and designed in queensland, australia by sophia calvi, onetwenty swim is so much more than just swimwear, it’s a lifestyle.

'starting a fashion label has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and swimwear has been a borderline obsession since my teens. Fashion runs in my blood, it’s part of my soul and it’s something I’m wildly passionate about. 

this brand started because I saw a gap in the swimwear market when it came to one piece swimsuits - flattering cuts were hard to find, conscious brands were far and few between and unique designs were rare. Hence, the start of onetwenty swim - a brand that is focused on producing beautiful and unique one piece swimsuits with only 20 per style ever sold.  

while our pieces are exclusive, we celebrate complete inclusivity. I wholeheartedly believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, looks, ages, backgrounds and genders and through this brand, will showcase the true meaning of beauty in all of its diversity. 

we do our part in protecting our people and environment by using recycled fabrics, sustainable packaging and ensuring all work places exceed ethical standards. our exclusivity and limited stock places an emphasis on slow fashion by encouraging customers to shop consciously and get the most out of every swimsuit purchased while knowing that they’re giving back with 10% of each collections profits donated to a charity.

so much love, thought and attention goes behind every single design. There’s a story unfolding and an intention that when you put on a onetwenty swimsuit, you elevate into a higher version of yourself.'

  • onetwenty swim

    our foundation

    bases itself off of the fact we only sell 20 pieces per style, to encourage our customers to shop consciously and to shop for high quality. Our limited stock and collection drops favour slow fashion. we will never re-stock collections as it is paramount our customers hold a unique onetwenty piece for life.

  • onetwenty swim - la partenza

    our values

    of sustainability and the community in which we produce our pieces are our top priority. onetwenty swim is made for those who care about fashion, ethics and the environment while indulging in a slice of luxury. 10% of each collections profits are donated towards a charity or cause so we can do our part in making the world a better place.

  • our vision

    is for each customer to feel empowered by wearing their onetwenty piece by the pool of a luxury resort, to the beach, paired with your favourite jeans or underneath that crochet dress you just bought. whatever makes you feel the absolute best version of yourself. We’re playing in the OneTwenty arena now and darling, it’s time to level up.

our eco strategies

- Swimsuits made from ocean waste turned into recycled materials
- custom prints made with eco ink
- Paper hygiene liners instead of plastic
- 100% biodegradable packaging
- Reusable cotton bags
- Recyclable cardboard box
- Recyclable tissue paper and package cards
- 100% biodegradable mailers
- Ink free packaging printer
- Eco friendly packaging stickers